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March 9 - July 14, 2019


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Garden of Soul,
Fall 2015


No. 07 - One of the hallmarks of Guo Pei as a designer is her attention to the entire look—from head to toe—and her footwear is as imaginative as her garments. The platform style shoe with this look reflects the Manchu traditions of China’s Qing Dynasty. Manchu women donned shoes with pedestal-like heels ranging from two to six inches in height.

No. 07 - 作為一名設計師,郭培的一個重要特征就是她對整個造型的關注——從頭到腳。她設計的鞋子和衣服一樣極富想象力。這種風格的厚底鞋,反映了中國清朝滿族服飾的傳統。滿族婦女的鞋子有一個類似底座的鞋跟,高度從2英吋到6英吋不等。

Elysium, Spring/Summer


No. 08 - This magnificent gown is the centerpiece of the Elysium collection and fabricated from an unusual haute couture material—bamboo. Guo Pei worked with a skilled weaver to select a large stalk almost 5 inches in diameter that was harvested from the bamboo forest in Huangshan, Anhui province. The bamboo was woven into the elaborate lattice which gives this garment its form, and subsequently gilded and embellished with golden lace, flowers and branches.

No. 08 - 這件華美的禮服是“極樂島”系列的核心,用 “竹子”這種極特別的高定材質做成。郭培與一位技藝高超的編織藝人一起,挑選了一根直徑近5英寸(12.7厘米)的大竹子,這根竹子是從安徽黃山的竹林中砍伐來的。劈割出的細竹條被編織成網格狀,構成了整個禮服的廓形,之後再在竹條上鍍上金箔,在裙廓上綴上金色的花邊、花朵和枝蔓。

Samsara, Fall/Winter

輪迴,2006-2007 秋/冬

No. 10 - The overall circular shape of this dress relates to the theme of the collection, Samsara, derived from the Buddhist concept of a repetitive cycle of death and rebirth. The dresses in the Samsara collection exhibit a variety of embroidery techniques, including relief embroidery utilizing a type of thin, spiral metal wire called salma.

No. 10 - 這件禮服的整體圓形造型都與該系列的主題“輪迴”有關。“輪迴”源於佛教中生死輪迴的理念。該系列的作品中呈現了多種刺繡技法,包括波斯扎爾多茲浮雕刺繡,使用一種叫做薩爾瑪(salma)的細長螺旋金屬絲。

Encounter, Fall/Winter

遇見,2015-2016 秋/冬

No. 16 - This coat dress is a masterpiece of silver thread embroidery and took several artisans more than 6,000 hours to create. Silver thread is so delicate and thin that it breaks easily, thus requiring an embroiderer with both skill and patience. The dress was such a labor of love that Guo Pei signed the lining of the coat with strands of her own hair. Look for the repeating dragon motif sewn among the mountain and wave design, commonly used on the hems of royal court robes.

No. 16 - 這件大衣是銀線刺繡的傑作,好幾個工匠花了6000多個小時才完成。精細的銀線很容易斷,所以繡起來需要格外的耐心和高超的技巧。這件作品是郭培的摯愛,所以她把自己的一縷頭髮縫進了衣服的襯里以示標記。再來看看那些在群山和浪濤中重複出現的龍的圖案,都是宮廷長袍下擺中常用的紋飾。

1002 Nights, Fall/Winter

一千零二夜, 2009-2010 秋/冬

No. 18 - Taking its inspiration from The Arabian Nights, the garments in 1002 Nights are expressions of princesses and queens. This extravagant gown, alongside the dress worn by Rihanna at the 2015 Met Gala, is one of four queens designed for the collection and its exaggerated skirt shape was likely influenced by the fashionable hoop skirts called ‘farthingales’ worn by Elizabeth I and other noblewomen of the 16th-century.

No. 18 - “一千零二夜”系列的靈感來源於“天方夜譚”,表現的是公主和王后。這件奢華的長袍,加上蕾哈娜在2015年的Met Gala上穿的長袍,是該系列里四件皇后長袍之一,其誇張的裙型很可能受到了伊麗莎白一世和其他16世紀貴族女性所穿的名為“鯨骨裙”的時髦箍裙的影響。

An Amazing Journey In A Childhood Dream, Fall/Winter

童夢奇緣,2007-2008 秋/冬

No. 29 - Guo Pei’s designs are distinguished by the attention she gives to their ornamentation. In addition to the intricate folds that create the shape and texture of the dress, note the rich detailing of the embroidery of the jacket. Each element of the ball fringe is an individual wooden bead wrapped in silver thread hand-crafted by Rose Studio artisans. Guo Pei’s intricate embroidery utilizes varying forms of silk, a 6000-year-old medium responsible for fueling the trade of culture, art and technology along the ancient, aptly named Silk Road.

No. 29 - 郭培的設計之所以與眾不同,是她對裝飾的傾心關注。除了裙子上那些繁複疊褶構成的獨特廓形和質感外,再看看衣服上那些極致細密的刺繡,每一個球形穗飾都是由玫瑰坊的技師們精心手工製作的:用銀線把木珠一個一個手工纏裹起來。郭培的這些繁複的刺繡運用了不同形式的絲綢。絲綢這種已有6000年歷史的媒介,激發了沿著古老的、最後被命名為“絲綢之路”的全球性的文化、藝術和技術貿易。

Legend, Spring/Summer


No. 38 - This oval-shaped gown was directly inspired by the architectural dome of the cathedral in Saint Gallen. Founded as a Benedictine abbey in the 8th-century, it is a treasure of the Baroque era and houses one of the richest medieval libraries in the world.

No. 38 - 這件圓拱形禮袍的設計靈感來源于圣加倫教堂的穹頂。始建於8世紀的本篤會修道院是巴洛克時期的瑰寶,其中的圖書館是全世界最富麗堂皇的中世紀圖書館之一。

Legend of the Dragon, Spring/Summer


No. 40 - Traditional Chinese arts include symbols that denote rank and character or serve as lucky talismans. Though this collection heavily features the five-clawed dragon, the central motif of this dress is the fenghuang, a mythological Chinese bird similar to a phoenix. In Chinese lore the fenghuang has a reputation for virtue, duty, decorum, reliability and mercy. It also served as a female counterpart to the dragon and an emblem of China’s empress.

No. 40 - 中國的傳統藝術中有許多象征等級和個性的符號,這些符號也可作為幸運的護身符。儘管這個系列是以五爪龍為主要特征,但作品的中心紋飾是鳳凰,類似英文中的phoenix:一種中國神話中的鳥。在中國的神話傳說中,鳳凰是美德、責任、禮儀、可靠和仁慈的象征,也是龍的女性形象和中國女皇的象征

March 9 - July 14, 2019

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Saturday | March 9 | 1:30 PM
Opening Day Lecture:
Guo Pei in Conversation with
SCAD President Paula Wallace
開幕日演講: 郭培對話賽凡納藝術
Sunday | March 10 | 10 AM – 12 PM
Guo Pei: Chinese Wedding Gowns
of the Past and Future!

Saturday, Sunday, & Friday |
March 16, 24 & April 12 | 2 – 4 PM
Guo Pei Tour & Tea
Tuesday – Friday | March 19 – 22 &
Tuesday – Thursday, April 9 – 11 | 2 PM
Touring with the Experts

Saturday | March 30, April 13 &
Sunday | May 26 | 10 AM – 12 PM
Family Fashion Workshops

Sunday | March 31 | 1:30 – 3:30 PM
Collection Showing and Presentation: “Silken Resistance: A Short History of Ikat”

Monday | May 6 | 5 – 9 PM
Met Gala Red Carpet Live Broadcast/Commentary + Screening of
First Monday in May (2017)
“時尚奧斯卡”Met Gala紅毯現場直播/專家評論 + 影片放映《五月的第一個星期一》

Sunday | May 12 | 1:30 PM
Yellow is Forbidden (2018) –
Mother’s Day Special!
Wednesday | May 29 | 7 PM
Yellow is Forbidden (2018) Screening
and Q&A with Director Pietra Brettkelly

Sunday | June 9 | 1:30 PM
Fashion and Passion Bridging
East and West with Shelley Komarov

Saturday & Sunday | June 29 & 30 |
11 AM – 3 PM
Haute Couture and Embroidery Workshop
Saturday & Sunday | July 13 & 14
Guo Pei: Couture Beyond
Closing Programs


Guo Pei: Couture Beyond is organized by the Bowers Museum in collaboration with Guo Pei’s Rose Studios, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film and SCAD: The University for Creative Careers. Brought to you by China Southern Airlines. Images © Guo Pei, Rose Studios